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As high definition takes over and becomes the way of life in the TV/ movie industry, some changes have to be made. One of them is makeup! If you're in the television industry, you know this all too well. What you see is what you get, so things have to be done with more diligence and precision. Airbrush makeup is now an essential component of HD production. Airbrush makeup creates an even complexion by microscopically spraying small dots of foundation on imperfections such as blemishes, hyper-pigmentation, freckles, etc. This gives the appearance of flawless skin with a full, yet lightweight coverage.

Tupperware Demo internet videos
Tupperware Demo internet videos
So next time you have a production that needs high def makeup, call Hollie O’Brien. She has a fully equipped makeup kit for any of your TV and video production needs.  

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At work "behind the scenes"
Ushop TV greenroom
HSN Korres Liz Folce
deborah lippman HSN
Deborah Lippman
Laura Mckeeman Miss America Pageant
Jerry O'Connell , Doug Benson
Makeup Artist Camindy from What Not To Wear
Cheryl Teigs
Deborah Lippman
Miss Florida 2012 Laura Mckeeman
Ushop TV
Ushop TV
Korres HSN
Toronto Shopping Channel
Ask Gary Commercial
Liar Card commercal
HAEA Video
Better Health Commercial
Fran Haash photoshoot
Fashion show
Body Art at Generations Church
Your Better Health
Dave Mann Senior Trust Infomercial
Dave Mann Senior Trust Infomercial
Carol Alt super model
HSN Sharif Promo hair and makeup
HSN Sharif Promo
Hair and makeup FL
HSN Fall Promo
Hollie O'Brien Hair and Makeup Artist
HSN Showstoppers
Senior Trust Infomercial
Senior Trust Infomercial Dave Mann
Hair and makeup wedding Florida
Amy wedding
Hair and Makeup Comp cards
Hollie O'Brien hair and Makeup
Toby Lightman
Sharif Hand Bags Promo
Sharif Hand Bags Promo
Sharif handbags promo
Sharif handbags promo
HSN Micheal DiCesare
Body Painting Hollie O'Brien
Green Iguana Event
Jorge Alverez shoot
Jorge Alveres shoot
Miss Tina Knowels HSN Hollie O'Brien hair and Makeup
Miss Tina Knowels HSN
Michael diCesare Emmy award winning stylist to the stars
Michael diCesare Emmy award winning stylist to the stars
Michael diCesare and models Hair and Makeup
Michael diCesare and models
Hollie O'Brien makeup
Brad Culpepper
Brett Kurland Hollie O'Brien makeup
Brett Kurland
Me and Billy Mays
Me and Billy Mays
hair and makeup TV
Ninja infomercial
Jimmy Rollins Red Bull shoot
hair and makeup for Home shopping network
HSN Miss Tina Knowels and the models
Me and Syesha Mercado
Me and Syesha Mercado( american Idol)
Kronos crew Dusty Simon